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Rui Balla Campos 
Drummer /Percussionist from Brazil.
Cymbals : Soultones
Laura or Tomer
Phone: 818-873-8058 Email: [email protected]
Drums:Mapex Drums USA
Drumsticks :Los Cabos Drumsticks
Aquarian Drumheads
Ahead Armor Cases
Westone audio in eara

Previous experience: Dali Blu and suspended 7TH,Mas Alla
R- Connected, Fellipe Prata ,True Witness,Carolina Vegas,Mas + Alla,Trio Open Bar,Robin Delorenzo.
i live in New jersey  and has performed with a lot different acts.Also Playing in workshops.
Currently has being endorsed by Soultones Cymbals from Turkey.
Also He uses PDP drums,Pearl Pedals and Vic Firth drumsticks.
ui Balla Campos,born in Sao Paulo -Brazil.Moved to USA in 1992,and since that time, he was always in a search to make great music.

He started as a percussionist at Newark Community School of music,since the first time he laid his hands on those congas,he knew music was inside of him.After that he took some private classes with a great friend and percussionist Dave Lima.He started playing in churchs ,worship bands,but he knew that something bigger was ahead.In about a year he decided to take serious and started to attend Newark Community School of Arts,where with Mr. Eddy he learned all about afro -cuban rithms.Sooner he developed such a great technique and started to play with great people.In 2 years he was playing all over tri state area and in a occassion he called"purpose",the current drummer from his band decided to move back to brazil,the he step up on the drumset and started to play drums.

Since then he develop such a great playing,timing and odd tempos.Playing both drums and hand percussion.Private classes and lots of hours practicing put him in contact with great and talented people.

Right now he has playing from rock,pop,funk,R&B,brazilian music ,etc.
Great names as Dali Blu(USA),Fellipe Prata(USA),Ludmila ferber(BRA),Fernandinho(BRA)David Quinlan(BRA).Joabi Alves(USA).True Witness,Mistura Fina,Som Brazil, and many others.

At this point he still doing gigs in New York and New jersey,clubs,bars.He is currently started to work with Robin Delorenzo band who is working on their first album.Also re recorded with True Witness and Dali BLu.
Right after that time  Balla took a u turn an went back to his roots and was invite to be the new percussionist for Mas Alla,a latin pop fusion band from north jersey,where they got great exposure in the tri state area,sooner he became their drummer.
At that time Balla grew alot as a musician and got great exposure into the music scene. As Mas Alla decide to take a different
And more traditional musical direction was. Time  for a new line up for the band. 

He is working currently with McClinton,which recently opened for Eric Martin from Mr.Big.The second Cd is in process,and it will be ready for release on spring 2014.”Final Closure” is their new single and in the making of a video.

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